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For all 6th Taxing District residents

Baseball ages 4-12

Softball ages 7-12


The official registration period closes January 31st.  Late registrations will be taken through February 15th, if space permits, and will carry a penalty fee of $75.


Click on “Registration-online” in the left side navigation pane and the instructions will guide you through the registration process.



Eligibility to play in a league is now determined by EITHER a player’s residency OR the location of the school that the player attends. What this means is a player can play in Rowayton Little League if he or she meets 1) the residency requirement  -- lives in zip code 06853 for Baseball or lives in zip code 06853, 06854 or 06855 for softball--  OR 2) attends Rowayton Elementary School, Roton Middle School or any of the Pre-K/nursery schools in zip code 06853.


For those registering for the first time in Rowayton Little League:  proof of residency or proof of school attendance and a scanned copy of the player’s birth certificate must be received to complete the registration process. Please follow instructions and scan and upload those pieces of documentation during the registration process.

  League Age

Softball – Little League International requires us to determine a players league age by measuring her actual age as of December 31st of the previous year. For this season, your daughter’s league age will be her age as of December 31, 2015.

Baseball - Little League International requires us to determine a player’s league age by measuring his/her actual age as of August 31 of the current season. For this year, the following will apply:

  •  For Players born on or before April 30, 2005: The new age  determination date of August 31 will be effective starting with the 2018 Little League Baseball Season. For the 2016 and 2017 seasons, these players will use the April 30 age determination date.
  •  For Players born between May 1, 2005 and August 31, 2005: The new age  determination date of August 31 will be effective starting with the 2019 Little League Baseball Season. For the 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons, these players will use the April 30 age determination date.
  •  For Players born on or after September 1, 2005: The August 31 age determination will be effective immediately, starting with the 2016 Little League Baseball Season.


To calculate your child's league age for baseball, please use the following link:

Baseball Leagues

T-ball  - Our T-ball program is designed for girls and boys league age 4-6.  Parents/coaches teach the fundamentals of throwing, catching, hitting, proper positioning on the field, including the introduction of basic baseball rules. Optional practice is held one day per week with skills/games work for everyone on Saturday mornings. Any child under the age of 7 who has not played in league before must play one year of T-ball before being considered for the Minor Leagues.

Tee Ball meets on Saturdays for an hour at 9:00, and one day during the week (likely Monday) at 5:30 for 1 hour. 


A Division – Our A Division is comprised of children primarily league aged 6 and 7. The A Division continues to emphasize the fundamentals within a “live” game format where parents/coaches pitch in practices and games. Practice is held one night/week with games on Saturday morning. Rosters will be designed by the league to balance all the teams based on several criteria, including, but not limited to age, experience, sex, and matters of safety.


AA Division – Our AA Division is designed for players between league ages 7-8 and is the first division in which we play a schedule of games against teams within Rowayton Little League as well as games with teams from Norwalk Little League. Skills development is or primary importance and players will play multiple positions as they learn competitive game play.  AA is also where players will begin to learn the fundamentals of pitching and games are played with a combination of coach and player pitching. Rosters will be designed by the league to balance all the teams based on several criteria, including, but not limited to age, experience, sex, and matters of safety. Please review the information on Assessment Days below.


AAA Division – Our AAA Division is comprised primarily of players between league age 9-10. Players will typically have played several years of competitive baseball and have developed a solid understanding of the game. They will have the necessary skills to pitch, catch and hit. Each child is expected to have achieved a certain level of competence in order to protect him/herself in competitive games as safety is of primary importance. This year, AAA level kids will be pooled, assessed, and drafted with along with NLL kids to make one set of teams.  The AAA Division will play in a league Championship tournament at the end of the regular season in June. Rosters will be chosen via a Little League International designed draft. Please review the information on Assessment Days below.


Major Leagues – The Major Leagues is the highest level within our Little League baseball program and is geared primarily toward boys and girls who are league age 11-12 who have demonstrated both the skill and interest in competing at the highest level of play. Like AAA, Majors level kids will be pooled, assessed and drafted with Norwalk Little League kids to make one set of teams.  The Majors Division will play a Championship tournament at the end of the regular season in early June.  Rosters will be chosen via a Little League International designed draft. Please review the information on Assessment Days below.


**Note: We do allow players to "play up" based on their ability and recommendations from our managers and coaches.


Late Registration Fees

A late fee of $75 will be required for all returning registrations that are received after January 31st.  Late registrations are extremely difficult for the league to manage and we want to encourage everyone to sign up as early as possible. Our goal is to have every child in our community play baseball and we will do our very best to accommodate as many late registrants as possible. However, we cannot guarantee placement on a team or a uniform for registrations received after the official registration period.

PLEASE sign up within the open registration period and spread the word to as many Rowayton families as you can to do the same.

Player Assessment Day and Winter Clinics

In late February, times and location to be determined, in conjunction with Norwalk Little League we will hold our Player Assessment Day for ALL baseball players league age 8-12.  ALL players who fall in this age range MUST participate in one of the two Player Assessment Days.  Team rosters in AAA and the Majors will be determined by a draft based significantly upon these assessments and any players not available threaten the integrity of the process.  A great way to prepare for Assessment Day is to participate in our Winter Baseball Clinics. IST Sports Headquarters will be offering  9 weeks of Winter skills clinics  for players K through 7th grade, starting in early January,  The clinics will be held at the newly renovated I.S.T. Sports Headquarters and children are bound to have a terrific time in addition to honing their baseball skills. 


Clinics include age appropriate drills to improve all players hitting, fielding, throwing, catching and sports specific agility and coordination.


All programs run January 10th through March 19th avoiding all holiday weekends. Each grade has options on multiple days.

Registration is now open and all options can be found by CLICKING HERE 


Softball Clinics

You can register for winter softball clinics when you sign up for the spring season.  All clinics will be held at IST at 25 VanZant Ave in Norwalk.  The clinics will be organized by age and skill level on Mondays or Wednesdays.  All clinics are composed of only Rowayton Little League players. 

Opening Day

Opening Day for the 2016 season will be held on April 23rd at 11:00am at Velotti Field/Bayley Beach. Opening Day is very special traditional in Rowayton Little League, and we hope that every child in our programs will be able to participate in this wonderful kickoff event.


Regular “Spring” Season

The regular “Spring” season for Majors and Minors and Softball begin with practices in mid- March/early April, depending upon weather with games running through late June. T-ball begins in late April and ends in late June. The Minors and Majors divisions will participate in League Championship Series’ in June, leading up to the Awards Ceremony/Year-end Picnic.

“Summer” Season

Rowayton Little League has a number of programs that provide opportunities for additional baseball play through mid-late July. While all-star teams from leagues around the U.S. participate in tournaments leading to the Little League World Series, many other teams are formed to play in local “friendship” leagues.  Bayley was filled with baseball through the month of July and the experience gained by those who participated cannot be measured. This year, we will again provide for all star play and friendship teams from players league aged 7-12, assuming enough participation. We also will continue T-ball and A Division play for as long as there is enough interest, which we expect will be through mid-July.  Please give serious consideration NOW to having your child play in our summer season. There is a spot on the registration form to indicate your intentions. We ask this so that we can begin to plan accordingly. Actual sign-ups/registration and determination of the number of teams and ages of players will occur later in the Spring.

Fall Softball

Rowayton Little League participates in a fun, Fairfield County based, travel fall league.  Players will participate in one game a week and one clinic.  Registration for fall begins in August. 

Awards Ceremony/Picnic

As is tradition, we will end our regular “Spring” season of play with an awards ceremony/year-end picnic for all players and families. This year, the picnic will be held on Saturday June 18th, starting at 4:30pm. More information to follow!


To maintain a safe environment for the players and the other young children who may be watching a game/practice, we ask that you please keep all children off of the fencing around our fields. The yellow plastic fence guards at Bayley Beach are there to protect players from sharp spikes at the top of the fence, and sitting on the fence not only damages the plastic tubing but also puts players and spectators at risk.  Also, please have children use the gates to enter and exit the field, rather than climbing over the fences.



In order to continue our successful program, game and player decisions must be left in the hands of our coaches. Therefore, in order to abide by International Little League policy, no parents/siblings/friends are allowed to enter the dugout before or during games. This policy was established by Little League International in order to protect the players as well as the coaches and is important to show respect for our programs. It also helps promote team unity and focus on the tasks at hand. Parental concerns regarding the league are to be directed to a child’s team Manager, the Division Head and/or a member of the Board of Directors. Discussions with coaches should be handled in a respectful manner and should be done with discretion and not within earshot of other players or parties.


Little League rules require only one manager and two adult coaches per team during official games. Please make the job of our umpires and managers a little easier by ensuring that no team will have more than three adult coaches in the dugout at any one time. 


The rules of Rowayton Little League state that alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the field or in and around the stands or other viewing areas while any little leaguers are on the field of play.

Parent Involvement/Participation

We are committed to delivering the very best baseball experience possible for all the players in our programs. We cannot do this without significant parental participation. As most you know, we have established a number of administrative teams to manage Rowayton Little League. These teams are charged with running particular aspects of our League and we have designed them with meaningful responsibilities. We also believe that these teams enable us to tap the creativity of our community to help improve our existing programs as well as develop new initiatives. In recent years, we have held the Pitch, Hit and Run Competition, introduced “Wood Week”,  re-designed practices in all of our leagues, extended softball to younger age groups, established winter baseball and softball clinics, created the AA Division, added a Championship Series to the Minors Division and Majors Divisions, expanded our summer season dramatically in order to include as many players as possible, and  added a bathroom at Bayley Beach, just to name a few improvements.  It is our goal to have every family represented on one or more of our administrative teams. If you have any questions about the teams, or where you might fit in, please contact Roger Knight ( or any of the Team Leaders/Board Members. Their contact information can be found on our website. Participating on a team does not commit you to anything you cannot handle. Each team has roles for parents that have very little or more time available.

There will be additional materials handed out in area schools. Please be sure to talk to your friends and neighbors during the holidays about registering for Little League. Word of mouth is the single best form of communication and we NEED your help in getting in registrations in a timely manner. If you have any problems with registration, please contact me with any questions.

Andy Meyerson


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